Santa Goes /out/

For those of you who wish to prepare, package, and ship their own personalized gifts, acquired innawoods or innastore, to spread some holiday cheer, this is for you! Be as creative and artistic as you want to be. To those who just want to put a smile on someone's face this year, giving the people what they need.
Event Information:
Name Signup Dates Matches Released Ship Deadline Special Rules Status
Batch 1: A Merry Kaczynski Christmas! 11/28/2020 - 12/6/2020 12/7/2020 12/14/2020
No international matching.
Participants should piece together a gift themselves, package, and ship.
Batch 2: Amazon Adventures! 12/7/2020 - 12/14/2020 12/15/2020 12/21/2020
No international matching.
Online direct shipping required.
The following tiers will be used for matching purposes:
Druid's Donation $0 - $5 Cards, Letters and Drawings
Hunter's Handout $5 - $25
Outdoorsman's Offering $25 - $50
Gearqueer's Gift $50 - $100

/Out/s Sekret Santa 2020 Hunt


The plan for ​Sekret Santa 2020 ​is as follows:

  1. You will ​sign up ​for the event using the ​Sign Up​ button on this page.

  2. Your signup will be assigned to the currently active ​batch​.

  3. One day after your batch closes for signups, you will be ​matched​ and will receive an email with information about your ​target​. At the same time, someone (your ​santa​) will be matched to you!
    You should post about your match in the Sekret Santa threads on 4chan! Do not post any personal information about yourself or your target in these threads​.

  4. Upon receiving your match, you will have ​10 days(Batch 1) or 7 days (Batch 2) to purchase, assemble and ship your gift. You are required to ship before this deadline!

  5. Immediately after shipping your gift, you ​must ​submit your ​tracking number​to the "Mark Shipped" form ​in your Signup Dashboard!
    You should also post about shipping your gift in the Sekret Santa threads! Include a teaser photo or two. Ensure you black out the shipping label.

  6. You will also receive a ​notification email ​once your own santa has shipped, containing the ​tracking number​ for your incoming gift.

  7. Upon receiving your gift, ​let us know you received it ​by filling out the ​"Mark Received" form​ in your Signup Dashboard!
    You should definitely post about receiving your gift in the threads! Make sure you black out the shipping label here as well​.

  8. Upon receiving your gift, you can open your gift early if you want / need to, but consider waiting for the ​official unboxing thread​ on ​December 25th​.

Grinch Relief​ will be provided for any participants who get grinched. We encourage all participants to sign up to provide grinch relief!View the Grinch Relieftab for more info.

Earn ​raffle entries​ by completing the steps above and win cool prizes! View the ​Raffle tab for more info.

Se/k/ret Santa Overview


This is a detailed overview of what Sekret Santa is and how it works. For a short summary of how to participate in the event, check out the ​Hunt​ tab.

Se/k/ret Santa is a yearly gift exchange event for 4chan's /k/ board that takes place near Christmas. We on /out/ have been included in our father board's website. To honor them, "sekret" will retain /k/'s spelling. To differentiate ourselves and quell confusion we will take out the slashes.

Each participant will select a ​tier ​upon signup, and will be assigned to a ​batch​. Participants will be assigned both a ​target​ to whom they will ​send​ a gift, and a ​santa​ from whom they will receive​ a gift. As the event name implies, you won't know who your santa is, and your target won't know who you are!

Signing Up:

To sign up for the event you must first create an account​ on the Secret Santa website. This will be the account you'll use for this and all future events.

After creating and logging into your account, visit the Santa goes /out/ event detail page (the one you're currently on!) and click the Sign Up button.

On the Sign Up form you will enter your shipping information, information about the kind of gift you'd like to send and receive, agree to the rules and swear an oath to abide by them. Yes, we really mean it.

Fill out the form thoroughly and accurately! Providing good info will help us match you, help your santa get you a good gift, and overall will create a good experience.

Batches and Tiers:

Signups are accepted and matched in ​batches​. In 2020 we have ​two batches​. When you sign up, you will be auto-assigned into the currently active batch.

All signups in a batch will receive their matches at the same time, which is one day after the batch closes for signups. You then ​must ​ship your gift to your target by the ​batch shipping deadline​.

Depending on which batch you sign up for, different rules may apply. For example, The first batch will be a true secret santa. You don't know who you will get, and you won't know who will get you. You must prepare a gift set on a list of guidelines and ship it out yourself. Shipping expenses are NOT included in the tier price. A 10$ lump of lead shipped for 20$ is not acceptable for the $25-50 range.

The second batch will be an Amazon Wishlist direct shipping style. If you are matched to someone whose entire wishlist is outside of the price range please contact me.

Additionally, you will select a ​tier ​when you sign up. The tier determines the price bracket you are participating in, and you will be matched to another participant in the same tier. You must send a gift above the minimum price in your tier.

Details about the batches and tiers can be found on the Santa goes /out/ event detail page - just scroll up!

Receiving a​​ Match:

You will receive your target match ​one day after​ the close of signups for your batch. You will be sent an email with your target details, and your ​Signup Dashboard​ will also contain this information.

Matching style in Sekret Santa 2020 is ​round robin​. Your ​target​ will not be the same person as your ​santa​.

We may contact you to change your signup details (for example, changing your tier) if we have trouble finding a good match for you.

When you receive a match, feel free to post about it in the Santa goes /out/ threads on 4chan! Make sure not to reveal any personal information, but it's fun for your target to see a post letting (for example) "BB in 85178" know that they have a santa.

Creating and Shipping a Gift:

Use the ​wishlist details ​provided in your target match to create a good gift for your target.

Make it fun and put some effort into it! Decorate the box too.

You ​must ​create and ship your gift by your ​batch ship deadline​. Sending on time is ​required!

When you send, make sure to get a ​tracking number​. Use the tracking number to submit the Mark Shipped​ form on your Signup Dashboard​. Filling out this form will notify your target that a gift is on the way! It will also help us keep track of who has shipped.

Failure to ship your gift by the deadline, or failure to mark yourself as shipped, will result in you being marked as a grinch - so please send promptly!

While building and shipping the gift, feel free to make posts in the 4chan threads about it as well. Build some hype for your target!

Receiving Your Gift​:

When your target ships your gift, you will receive an email notifying you that a gift is on its way. Get excited!

Upon receiving your gift, you should do two things:

First, ​take photos of the box ​and ​post in the 4chan thread​! Nothing is more fun for a santa than seeing a photo of the box they worked so hard drawing penises on.

Second, submit the ​Mark Received​ form on your​ Signup Dashboard​. Doing this will let us know that you received your gift. It will also notify your santa that the gift made it there safely.

You can ​open your gift​ as soon as you receive it if you really want to, but we have a tradition of holding an ​unboxing thread ​on ​Christmas day​, so consider waiting and participating in that! Either way, when you do open your gift, make sure to post photos of that as well.

Grinch Relief:

Sometimes shit happens and you don't get a gift. This is uncommon, but when it does happen we ensure that you are taken care of, and this is called ​Grinch Relief​.

Grinch Relief is powered each year by awesome participant volunteers. ​You will be able to volunteer to provide Grinch Relief during signup, and we encourage you to do so!​ If you are selected to provide grinch relief, we will match you with a kommando in need within your price tier.

If you end up needing grinch relief yourself, you will be eligible to apply for it one day after your batch ship deadline. We will be sending out information to applicable users at that time, so if this does apply to you, stand by for more information.

You can learn more about grinch relief on the ​Grinch Relief ​tab. Check out the benefits there for being a ​Grinch Relief volunteer!


(I, Cajun Santa, will try to provide something. Don't know what yet but please be patient as I am providing this out of my own pocket. I would like to get this started for /out/.)

For the last two years we have held a raffle event where you can win some pretty cool prizes!

You earn raffle entries by completing the steps described above. Specifics on earning raffle entries, and the prize list, can be found on the ​Raffle ​tab.

All prizes are donated by participants and community members. If you'd like to donate a prize, contact us and let us know! Thanks much comrade!

New Website / 2020 Questions


What’s new in 2020?

Obviously the biggest new item is this new website! And Big Boss has been kind enough to grace /out/ with our own page! PRAISE BE TO BIG BOSS! This mostly pertains to the original site but good info to know.


Cajun Santa !!WuPcztHmRAz is my trip, [email protected] is my email address.

Our last event will close on the 21st, so if your Santa waits until the last day to buy for you; you may receive your gift later than the 25th. But I still need to give users ample time to get funds together and purchases made. Just about everything here applies to us, but please feel free to message me with inputs on how I can tailor this closer to /out/.

Aside from that, we've tweaked several things to handle the unique circumstances of 2020. These primarily center around the fact that shipping is going to take longer this year. The main changes are:

  • We now have two batches: 1 traditional, 1 Amazon wishlist.
  • The signup period and shipping period for each batch is a little shorter.
  • No International shipping allowed this year. Europe to Europe should be ok.
  • The last batch this year ends a lot earlier. Previously we've tried to match right up to Christmas, but it's just not possible this year.
  • All grinch relief volunteers this year will be asked to ship their purchase directly to their target (online direct shipping) instead of shipping to their own house, then repackaging and mailing it.

Why did you create this website? What are its benefits?

The new website should produce several benefits this year. The primary benefit will be that participants will now have a single easy place to track their signup, view their target information, and most excitingly to see their tracking number as soon as the gift has been shipped!

This website should also automate a lot of the work the staff have to do each year. While matching will continue to be done manually, the process of sending target emails, reminder emails, and answering common questions like "where's my tracking number" will now be automated.

Finally, it is my hope that this website will grow into a solid platform to facilitate online gift exchanges, one that can expand beyond just the Se/k/ret Santa event, perhaps to other 4chan gift exchange events as well! ​If anyone participating this year is in contact with the facilitators of other 4chan gift exchanges, consider contacting Big Boss at [email protected] to facilitate an introduction.

Does this new website mean we’re not doing threads on /k/ or /out/ any longer?

Definitely not. The primary place for the community to interact with Se/k/ret Santa will always be 4chan itself. We will still have threads running throughout the entire event - the website will not replace those. The website will only be used to facilitate the logistics of the event.

What should I post in the 4chan threads?

The best part of Se/k/ret Santa is shit​posting ​​in the threads. All participants should at least do the following:

  • When you get a match, drop a post letting them know! Example: "Fire mission received for BB in 85178"
  • Post photos of your gift once you've got it put together, especially if you've decorated the box in a cool or interesting way. Depending on what your gift is, consider posting pics of it coming together as well, but don't spoil the surprise too much.
  • Most important: when you receive and open your gift, take photos of the box and gift so your santa can see their hard work being appreciated!

When posting in the threads be sure to keep opsec in mind. Don't reveal your target's personal info, or your own. Strip photo metadata and black out shipping labels. If you dox yourself you will be laughed at. If you dox your target or santa, we'll probably ban you.

How do I sign up?

Don't get confused here: in order to sign up for the event you need to ​both ​create an account on the website ​and ​you need to submit the signup form. If you only create an account, you won't get a match!

When you do submit your signup, you'll get a confirmation email indicating that you have successfully signed up. If you don't receive that email, you aren't signed up yet!

What are the “Mark Shipped” / “Marked Received” forms and why should I fill them out?

 In previous years we've asked you to email us letting us know when you've shipped and received your gift. We now have forms that will accept this information instead.

You can find both forms on your ​Signup Dashboard​. Use the ​Mark Shipped​ form to submit the tracking number when you've shipped your gift to your target, and use the ​Mark Received​ form to let us know when you've received your gift from your santa.

It's important to fill these out because they keep both your target / santa ​andSe/k/ret Santa staff informed. Submitting these will also earn you raffle entries!

I have an idea for a feature for the website!

We maintain a list of upcoming features on the website's ​About​ page. If you have a cool idea that isn't listed there yet, send it our way! Just email ​Big Boss​ at [email protected].

Where’s the /k/rypto challenge?

We had hoped to have a /k/rypto challenge 2020 set up this year but it took enough work to build the new website, so it probably won't happen unless I get inspired, or someone wants to help me build it. If you want to help with that, mail me!

General Questions


How long are the batches open?

Batch 1: A Merry Kaczynski Christmas!

>Signup Dates: 27NOV-06DEC(10 Days)

>Matchup Day: 07DEC

>Shipping Deadline: 14DEC(1 Week)

Batch 2: Amazon Adventures!

>Signup Dates: 07DEC-14DEC(1 Week)

>Matchup Day: 15DEC

>Shipping Deadline: 21DEC(1 Week)

How long do I have to ship?

 For the first batche you will have ​10 days ​to assemble and ship your gift. The final batch has a ​7 day ship time.​ Note that the final batch requires​ that you do online direct shipping to your target, so a week shipping time should be eminently doable.

Do I have to provide my personal information to sign up?

You'll need to provide the following information when signing up:

  • An email address ​that you regularly check​. Don't use a throwaway address - if you do you won't be able to keep track of the event.
  • You'll need to provide a name that we can refer to you by. If you are in the US and you don't want to be matched internationally, this doesn't need to be your real name. If you are either not in the US, or want to be matched internationally, you will need to enter your real name here. This is to reduce problems with shipping.
  • You will need to provide an address where you can receive your gift. Make sure you'll actually be at this address when your package arrives! Don't use your dorm address if you'll be going home for Christmas, and if you know you'll be away from home in December, consider having the package shipped to where you'll be at that time.

Does the tier price bracket count shipping?

The tier price bracket refers to the price of assembling the gift, not of shipping it. Select your tier accordingly.

Who will I get matched with?

You'll get matched with another person in the same tier or bracket. We'll take the gift / wishlist categories and any other instructions you care to provide into consideration when pairing a santa with a target such that the santa will be a good match for their target's wishes!

Make sure to let us know on the signup form if you have a friend participating, so we know not to match you guys (unless you want that.)

Note that your match will be influenced by whether you already have something identified you want to send as a gift - see below.

I already own / have already purchased some stuff I'd like to send, how can I get matched with someone who wants my stuff?

 We often get questions from people who either have a cool gift in mind, or who already have something they'd like to give away. Generally we prefer that you ​do notsign up with this mindset.

A Sekret Santa gift should be assembled based on your target's wishlist and personality. It should be a personalized gift, not one that you planned ahead of time. It definitely should not be seen as a way for you to offload your old stuff.

This said, there are exceptions to this, and if you think you already have something that would make a really cool gift, there is a space on the signup form where you can let us know about this, and we will attempt to match you with someone who would like that gift. We do not guarantee a match in these circumstances, but we will try our best.

What happens when I get a match?

You will receive your match's information by email on the match release date for your batch.

Your SignupDashboard​ will also show this information on this date.

As soon as you receive your email, you should start planning and putting together your gift!

What should I send my target?

Your target should provide a good wishlist and set of ideas for you to work with. The best gifts are those that take these ideas and the personality of the signup, and puts them together into an awesome gift.

A great formula for a gift is described by the anonposter below:

A few other ideas (these are good if you end up getting a match that only says "surprise me")

  • Find some cool and interesting milsurp gear.
  • Patches and stickers are always fun - don't be a poorfag, get the velcro-backed kind.
  • Common camping and survival gear - fire starters, first aid pieces, fishing lures.
  • Throw in a fun card and some drawings.
  • /out/ related books

What kind of stuff should I NOT send?

A few suggestions for gifts to avoid:

  • Don't ​send anything illegal - see the Legal ​page for guidance
  • Don't send a purely meme gift - it's okay and encouraged to send amusing stuff but make sure you pair it with a legitimate gift.
  • Given the time crunch in 2020, you probably shouldn't order anything that will need to be custom made, or will otherwise take forever to even arrive.
    • Specific example of this: avoid custom made dragon dildos. Just buy a premade one like the rest of us.

Will I be sending and receiving from the same person?

No, we will be doing a round robin match in which A sends to B, B sends to C, C sends to D, etc., until we reach Z who sends to A.

Can I participate twice? I want to send two gifts and receive two in return.

We are okay with people participating multiple times, although the website will only allow one signup per batch.

At time of writing the website does allow you to sign up for each batch. We may modify this to require approval from management before you can sign up for multiple batches.

Either way, we'd prefer if you completed and shipped one gift before signing up for a second batch.

What happens if I don’t receive my gift?

Your target failing to send you a gift is called getting ​grinched​. We've gotten pretty good at reducing grinches over the years, but it does still happen. If it does, we'll probably know about it since we're tracking shipments, but you should still let us know.

If we determine that you were legitimately grinched, two things will happen:

  1. We'll get a grinch relief volunteer on the case, who will quickly get supplies airdropped to you.
  2. The grinch will be banned for life from all Sekret Santa events, and any other events we are involved in.

We work hard to make sure you don't get grinched. Consider helping out by becoming a​ grinch relief volunteer!​ See the Grinch Relief​tab for details.

What happens if I get a gift I don't like?

These are handled on a case by case basis. If you get a gift that is clearly, self-evidently a low effort or troll gift, we'll count that as getting grinched. On the other hand, simply disliking what you received is not sufficient.

Overall, if you think you got screwed with a crap gift, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

What happens if I need to withdraw from the event?

You can withdraw at any time before you are matched. To do so, use the “Withdraw and Delete Signup” button on your ​Signup Dashboard​.

Once you are matched, you must follow through and create a good gift for your match. If you choose to withdraw at this point, we may need to mark you as a grinch for doing so.

Please don't sign up for the event unless you are reasonably certain you can see it through!

Who are the se/k/ret santa staff?

We have two, one staff members, one contributor, running the event this year:

  • Big Boss !!jq3a8iFwU/6​ - event coordinator and organizer
  • Santa'sLittleHelper !!P3upp74N0Cv ​- assistant with threads and matching for /k/
  • Cajun Santa !!WuPcztHmRAz​ - ​/out/ liaison

Keep an eye out for us in the threads!

Grinch Relief Information

If your santa does not ship your gift before your batch deadline, then you will be eligible to apply for grinch relief. Sc/out/s are standing by to help you in your hour of need!

Participants will be eligible to apply for grinch relief ​as soon as your batch's shipping period closes.

We will mail all eligible participants the day following your batch's shipping deadline to ask whether you wish to sign up for relief. Keep an eye out for this email!

Note that you will not be eligible for grinch relief if you have not provided us with proof that you have sent out a gift!

Relief Volunteers

Noble Sc/out/s may volunteer to participate in grinch relief as part of the initial signup.

We may also send out a signup sheet sometime during the event to solicit more volunteers.

Relief volunteers may be asked to provide relief at or below the tier you signed for (for example, if you signed up for the $50- $99 tier, then you may be asked to provide relief for another $50-$99 tier member, or for a tier beneath that. You will not be asked to provide relief at a tier higher than that which you signed up for.

All grinch relief volunteers who provide proof of sending a relief package will receive a large number of raffle entries!​​ Volunteers will also receive a special patch, available only to our valued Grinch Relief /k/orps! ←/OUT/ NOTE: This is currently for /k/ only. I will come up with something.

/Out/ Sekret Santa 2020 Raffle

We will be holding a raffle on ​January 7th, 2020 ​for all participants!

All participants will earn one entry just for signing up. Additional entries can be earned by being involved in the event. Scroll down for details.

The Prizes

Prizes for the raffle are currently:


I am going to buy some patches from a couple of sites I found online that had /out/ related patches. Unfortunately there aren't many. What I could find were mostly Yuru Camp related. I will purchase 5% of the total number of participants at the end of the Second Batch sign ups. These patches are around $8 each. (Meaning if 30 people sign up I will buy 1 patch for 2 participants, so rounding up)

Legal Information

All Se/k/ret Santa participants are advised that there are certain national, state and local restrictions around shipping firearms, munitions, alcohol, and other goods. Violating these regulations may lead to serious legal consequences for both the shipper and the recipient.

All participants are responsible for ensuring their gift complies with local, state and federal laws, and that their recipient is legally allowed to possess all items in their gift.

Here are a few recommendations / points of consideration:

  • Firearms cannot be shipped directly to your target! If you wish to ship a firearm, you will need to transfer the firearm via an FFL. Yes, there are some specific exceptions to this, but in general, I suggest using an FFL.

  • Ammunition cannot be shipped via USPS. As of this writing, both UPS and FedEx allow shipping ammunition, but they must be notified and the package must be marked with an ORM-D label. Both companies have documentation available online describing how to safely and legally ship ammo, so make sure you read and follow this!

  • US residents: in general, DO NOT SHIP FIREARMS, AMMUNITION, EXPLOSIVES, OR ANY OTHER MUNITIONS OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. This is considered an export and is a federal crime! Receiving or possessing these items may also be a crime for the recipient!

  • There are restrictions on shipping alcohol and other drugs both interstate and internationally. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with these restrictions. Don't ship alcohol or drugs to your target without thoroughly checking these restrictions.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your target is allowed to receive all items in your gift. This includes ensuring they are not prohibitied from possessing firearms and ammunition. It also includes ensuring they are allowed to receive and possess alcohol, tobacco, or any other restricted goods. Don't be responsible for getting your target in trouble!


You can contact me by Druidic Magic, or by email at [email protected]